In 1958, it became apparent that a Pentecostal training school was needed in Maine. Faith School of Theology was divinely breathed into existence. In the fall of 1959 Faith School of Theology opened its doors for the first time. Many miracles throughout the years have confirmed that this is a school God built. A renovated, three-story rooming house in Old Orchard Beach, Maine was the school’s first home. In June of 1967, the institute was moved to a larger campus in Brooklin, Maine.

The Brooklin facilities were filled to capacity in 1975 and the need for a larger campus was evident. A beautiful miracle happened that made it possible for the directors of Faith School of Theology to become the directors of Higgins Classical Institute in Charleston, Maine.

The property is comprised of an institute building housing classrooms, a library, offices, staff and student lounges, and a bookstore. Other buildings include a full-size gymnasium; a four-story brick dormitory; a three bedroom, ranch-style home; and staff housing including a three-story apartment building, a duplex home, and several mobile homes. In 1981, Faith’s Chapel was constructed.

The Elva P. Valerius Memorial Chapel is a beautiful brick building that connects Tracy Hall and the Institute Building. Founder, Dr. Russell K. Pier, was president of Faith School of Theology until 2003 when he passed the torch of leadership to Dr. Jeffrey A. Bell.

In April of 2013 Faith School of Theology became a member of IABCS. In the fall of 2013, the curriculum was in place to begin conferring Associate and Bachelor’s Degrees in Theological Studies.

In August of 2015, at the request of Dr. Bell, the Board of Director’s voted to have a change in leadership.  Dr. Bell became the Chancellor of the college, and Dr. Matthew M. Ward was unanimously voted in as president.  In the Fall of 2015, the Board of Directors voted to revise the name of Faith School of Theology to Faith Bible College International.