Faith Bible College International Student Worshiping

Mission & Method


The mission of Faith Bible College International is to prepare professional, Pentecostal servant-leaders who make a world of difference in fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19, 20)

FBCI is a single focus institution of higher learning, instructing men and women in theological studies while preparing them to be pastors, evangelists, missionaries, educators, worship leaders, and more. In adhering to our mission, we champion our students to discover, develop, and fulfill their purpose in the Christian ministry. Through inspired classes, anointed chapels, individual mentoring, and hands-on ministry experiences, the students will mature in their giftings. Furthermore, we endeavor to offer students a path to the blessing of ministry without the burden of debt.


Faith’s purpose is to Mentor students for Spirit-filled leadership in Ministry, in light of the Great Commission. While academics are important, the classrooms are not the only learning place.  Through a combination of formal instruction, chapel services, practical experience, personal interaction, and discipleship, Faith BCI aims to develop the inner man.

At Faith BCI, the Bible is the chief textbook and Jesus is the sovereign Lord.  Special emphasis is placed upon the student’s relationship with God and the sanctifying process which occurs in the believer’s heart.  The name of Jesus Christ is magnified.  The Holy Spirit is invited to interrupt the daily routine at any time.