As a faith-based college with a purpose to graduate students Day 1, Debt-Free, our tuition and dormitory fees are kept to a minimum.

Approximate total cost per yr. = $7,540.00*

*Fees listed are for the 2022-2023 academic year.
FBCI reserves the right to adjust  fees annually  at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.



  • Application Fee – $35.00
  • Late Fee – $75.002
  • Late Registration Fee – $75.003
  • Late Enrollment Fee – $125.004
  • Graduation Fee – $75.00

(1) Textbook costs vary.  Books may be purchased through the Faith BCI Bookstore or through independent sources.
(2) Accounts of students that do not complete Financial Arrangements prior to the semester deadlines (refer to Financial Assistance Application and Payment Arrangement Expectations)
(3) For those who register
after the designated registration date (refer to academic calendar).
(4) For those who do not finalize their registration for their courses before arriving on campus



As a faith-based school, with a purpose to graduate students free of debt, our tuition and dormitory fees are kept to a minimum.

  • Activity Fee – The Activity Fee each semester covers a Library Learning & Technology fee, an internet
    & television usage fee, Student Government Activities, a student ID card, and a graduation banquet ticket.
  • Class Dues – This is to fund class events, activities, and other projects for the class.
  • Part-Time Fees and Audit Fees – The cost per credit hour is $100.00. Students taking a part-time course load will be
    billed for tuition based on the number of credit hours they are taking multiplied by the cost per credit hour. PT students may be billed other fees in addition to tuition.
  • Registration Fee – The registration fee is $125 per semester. The Registration Fee is due upon acceptance for new students and during Registration Week for returning students. A late registration fee of $75 will be applied to the accounts of those students that do not pay during Registration Week.
  • Room & Key Deposit – If no damage is done to the room and the key is returned, the deposit will be credited to the student’s account each year and returned to students at the completion of their time at FBCI. Rooms are subject to inspection.



We offer different payment options for our students:

  • Payment in Full for the semester
  • 5-month payment plan for the semester
  • 10-month payment plan for the year

Once a student is accepted at Faith, he/she will receive information regarding setting up a payment plan.



  • Discounts & Refunds – FBCI reserves the right to offer discounts and refunds at the college’s discretion.
  • Withdrawals – If a student who is paid in full leaves Faith during the first four weeks of the semester, a 50% refund on tuition and dormitory fees will be given. No refund will be made thereafter. FBCI reserves the right to not refund/discount students that have not paid in full and withdraw early. Administrative dismissals are not covered by this policy and are not entitled to refunds of institutional charges. 



Housing is available for single full-time students in the dormitory. Limited housing is available to married students without children and married students with family.



All students are expected to leave campus during breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer Vacation) however, they may feel free to keep their belongings in their dorm rooms until summer vacation.



Students may hold off-campus employment if their work schedule does not interfere with school activities.