For Referrals

We appreciate your referrals to Faith Bible College International.  We want to make sure our referral network has the information they need to help those they serve and assist best understand the value, mission and purpose of our programs.  Below are answers to frequent questions we field the most from those considering a referral to our college.

Please let us know how else we can assist your efforts – call or email with any needs, requests or additional questions you may have.

What do you offer academically? Majors? Minors?

Faith offers an Associate Degree in Theological Studies or a Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Studies.  Students can choose a minor in Pastoral Theology, Missions, Christian Education or Music.  See more on our cornerstone program or degree programs.

Are there ministry opportunities? Missions? Crusades?

Students at Faith have opportunities to get involved with local churches, as they get plugged in and make it their “home” church while attending school.  They also have an opportunity to take a ministry course each semester while attending Faith, in which the school will schedule weekend services and a week-long Crusade for the student to participate in.

Do you have financial aid? Scholarships?

Since we are not accredited through the government we cannot offer financial aid, but we do have limited scholarship opportunities for students unable to meet their financial obligations.  In the second and further years, there are opportunities for SWAP, a Student Work Assistance Program, where students can work off up to $750 of their Dormitory Fee.  We are currently in the process of working with an outside company regarding financing in the near future.

What is the student body size? Faculty to student ratio?

Faith is a smaller, more intimate student body size of 60-70.  This provides great opportunity for students to really get to know one another.  Currently we have about 26 staff and faculty, putting the student to staff ratio at about 3:1.  Staff and faculty are also able to connect with the students and develop lasting relationships, with great opportunity to impart more personally into each life.

Do you accept international students?

Yes. We are approved to enroll international students in our three-year Diploma in Theological Studies.

Our student body has always been comprised of about 20% or greater foreign students (Canadian & Others).  There are a few extra steps in the application process to get international students here and minimal additional fees.  The admissions team gladly works with our international applicants through this process.  It brings us great joy to see students from every nation gathering together with a common purpose of worshipping and serving the Lord God Almighty.

Where do I apply?

You can apply easily online here!  Or you can read more about our programs and classes in our course catalog.